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Bennova Lintas Samudera -

Ship Husbandry Services

Ship Chandlery – Our team is available to assist clients, from basic supply to all engineering needs. Deck Stores, Cabin Stores, Hard wares, Lubricants, Chemicals, Ship Chandler or any spare parts, we offer very competitive pricing to cater to needs of shipping industry. Not only can we provide the usual technical and mechanical equipment and minor spare parts, but we can also provide a wide variety of fresh of fresh quality produce, meats, poultry, seafood, tropical flowers and plants, fresh water, bonded cigarettes, beers, liquors, office supplies, certain chemicals, cleaning materials, etc. In addition bonded stores can be arranged, also available: All of the above can be delivered in both small and large quantities in a proper time frame both alongside pier and / or shore.

Quality is our main concern and we will deliver only the best quality products and workforce to ensure we give our best to our clients. With PT. BENNOVA LINTAS SAMUDERA we fully understand the sense of urgency present in the marine industry. As such, our professional services are available round the clock to fulfil the needs of ship owners and offshore operators – and at very competitive prices too. Our company ultimately aims to build a long lasting partnership with our clients. We believe that our personalised service, together with our deep understanding of clients’ needs, is the key to providing total customer satisfaction.

Crewing Matters – Sign On / Off, Working Permit For Seaman, Visa Application and etc.

Supply Ship Spare Part and Handling – Ship’s spares are delivered to the vessel in an accurate and efficient manner. This service includes customs documentations, handling, transportation, delivery and eventual storage.

Transportation Services – For sending and fetching on / off crew, VIP / VVIP and Etc.