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Bennova Lintas Samudera -

Customs Brokerage

Our personnel are well trained and backed with many years of experience to offer an efficient and effective solution. We understand the legal and regulatory import/export complexities and offer value-added customs related services to move your shipments through customs quickly & smoothly. Convenience of the customers is taken care of by finalization of the proper documents, procedures, etc. And by saving the client from complex administrative procedures. Our services include:

  • Customs Documentations – import & export
  • Customs Clearance & Handling
  • Examination of Handling
  • Handling of Stuffing & de-Stuffing at ports
  • ICD’s and Customers warehouse
  • Pre-Arrival Processing & Monitoring
  • Duty Refunds
  • Drawback Claims
  • Commodity Opinions and Rulings
  • Import Permit Processing
  • Logistics Consulting & Management