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Bennova Lintas Samudera -

Vessel Lay Up/Oil Rig Services

The Laying-up of ships is one option available for ship owners to reduced transportation demand, increased capacity and lowering freight and charters rates which become the major concern in the industry with our proper management and proper care during the lay-up operations

We offer vast array of specialised response equipment and support from a dedicated team of logistics specialists.

Periodic inspection (daily, weekly, monthly) of the laid-up vessel consisting of visual inspection and periodic operation are carried out. These will ensure the continued preservation of the machineries according to standards and recommendations. All operations will be reported for further actions.

The key benefits of lay-up services:

  • Effective planning & management support
  • Reduced manning costs during long lay-up periods
  • Preventing long-term stand still damages
  • Guaranteed protection for all the equipments to ensure the sustainability of the value

PT. BENNOVA LINTAS SAMUDERA will ensure to provide the best lay-up services and maintenance according to clients specific requirements



Vessels will be anchored and arranged in designated location areas



Application Safe Manning with Supporting Service

5 vessels double banking - 10 persons / Crews Onboard

  • Master
  • 2nd Officers
  • 2nd Engineer
  • 3rd Engineer
  • Cook
  • 2 per – AB

2 per - Greaser