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STS Transfer Service

Transferring petroleum products from one tanker to another (also known as STS) has gained popularity in Indonesia. The operations involving a mother tanker as temporary floating storage and a fleet feeder tankers is carried out in an area approved by the authority at sea. Petroleum products will be transported from refinery, loaded onto the mother vessel then distributed by feeder tankers.

Ship-to-ship transfer service can be tailored to the exact requirements of the client. These may include the coordination and supervision of STS transfer operations on behalf of clients.

STS transfers can also be conducted on a rapid deployment basis in emergency situations. All transfers are carried out in accordance with local, international and industry guidelines. Transfers can take place between vessels of any size and a variety of cargoes cam be transferred including crude oil, white and black products, LPG as well as bulk cargoes. This can be conducted either underway at sea or at anchor.

Each operation includes:

  • The approach manoeuvre
  • Mooring
  • Hose connection/ disconnection for liquid products
  • Cargo transfer
  • Unmooring

PT. BENNOVA LINTAS SAMUDERA has the group of expertise to handle ship-to-ship transfer of bulk liquid and liquefied gas cargo between these specialized vessels.