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Strategic Place for Shipyard in Tanjung Balai

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 On  this  occasion,  we  would  like  to  introducing  that  Karimun Regency is located in strategic place of International Shipping Route of Malacca strait and bordered with Singapore and Malaysia and also with growth centre of Batam and Bintan. Karimun regency location available for various activity for examples Ship-to-Ship Transfer for Crude Oil, Chemical, Liquid, LPG, Bulk cargo, Bunker. Others activity ; Transit / Waiting Order, Lay-Up, Floating Repair, Floating Storage, Cleaning and etc, as the permitted by Port Authority of Tanjung Balai Karimun. It’s also very strategic and precise to be made a shipyard.

  • ± 900 km long.

  • One of the busiest seaway in the world.

  • ± 200 ships transit each day.

  • ± 600 ships operate each day.

  • 90% of Japan oil passes through.

  • 4 times increase in tankers 1979 to 1997.

  • Half of the world’s oil passes through.

  • A quarter of the world’s commerce passes through.

  • Tight waterways, the Malacca and Singapore Straits

  • Are narrow and shallow at many points, Choke point strait.

  • 166.000 tons Korean trade volume pass through

  • 80% Imported oil from Persian Gulf to Japan, China and South Korea.

  • ± 11 million barrel oil per day.

  • Oil : 11 MMBD 2002 rising to 22 MMBD 2030

  • Rising one-half to two-thirds of Asia’s total oil consumption

  • LNG: 29 BCM 2002 rising to 114 BCM 2030

  • Another 114 BCM SE Asia through South China Sea


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